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Saban, Harsin Lead ALFCA Virtual Clinic Speakers

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban and new Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin top the list of speakers for the Alabama Football Coaches Association Virtual Clinic to be held Friday, January 29th.

For Saban, it will be his 15th consecutive appearance at the clinic. He will share his time with new offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. The ALFCA Convention has been limited to the virtual clinic because of Covid-19 protocals. However, the ALFCA Coach of the Year Banquet will be held at the Embassy Suites on Saturday, January 30th.

Coach John Grass of Jacksonville State University, UAB head coach Bill Clark and new Southern Miss defensive coordinator Austin Armstrong will be on the clinic schedule as well.

An outstanding list of high school speakers are on the agenda, including 5A Champion Steve Mask of St. Paul's, Opelika head coach Erik Speakman, Helena coach Richie Busby and St. James head coach Jimmy Perry.

The clinic begins at 2:00 PM and will run through 9:00 PM and be free of charge to ALFCA members with their coupon code. The coupon code was sent to members in December.

ALFCA members can go to to register.

The entire clinic lineup is below:

ALFCA Virtual Clinic Schedule – Friday, January 29, 2021


Welcome – G. Jack Wood / Terry Curtis

Speaker 1: Jamie Riggs - Former Head Coach T.R. Miller/Houston Academy

Throw the Quick Out to Your Good Guy

Speaker 2: Steve Mask – St. Paul's Episcopal

St. Paul’s Defense


Speaker 1: Bill Clark – UAB Head Coach

Blazer “D”

Speaker 2: Brett Mask – Colbert Co. High School

Offensive Line play and techniques


Speaker 1: Nick Saban/Bill O'Brien Offensive Coordinator – University of Alabama


Speaker 1: Bryan Harsin – Auburn University Head Coach


Speaker 1: Jimmy Perry – St. James School

Special Teams / Kick-off Coverage / Audibles

Speaker 2: Scott Goolsby – Auburn High School

Stopping the Run the Auburn High Way


Speaker 1: Erik Speakman – Opelika High School

“Dawg” Weekly practice schedule

Speaker 2: John Grass – Jacksonville State University Head Coach

Gamecock Offense


Speaker 1: Austin Armstrong – University of Southern Mississippi Defensive Coordinator

Simulated Pressure

Speaker 2: Shea Monroe – Ashville High School

Single Wing Offense


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