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Purdue QB David Blough’s “Football is Life” Speech at Big 10 Luncheon

When Purdue quarterback David Blough took the podium to make a short talk at the Big 10 Football Luncheon, the audience had no idea what they were about to hear. Blough started by thanking the other Big 10 players who had spoken at the luncheon in previous years for their inspirational speeches. In his just over five minute speech, Blough told how football teaches life lessons, describing some of the values he had learned during his career.  He talked about how the game had taught him discipline, like being on time, paying attention to detail and working hard.  The quarterback told how he had led the conference in turnovers last season, an adversity he surely had to overcome.  Blough stated that football teams were just as diverse as our nation and that people could learn a lot from football about respecting and appreciating others for who they are.

When he finished, he received a standing ovation from a crowd who had a much better understanding of what football means to our young men in America.  David Blough’s complete speech is below.


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