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What Leaders Do in Athletics


  1. Leaders establish the attitude of the team.  The coaches don’t set the attitude of the team.  The leaders do. And if the leaders don’t have the enthusiasm, the work ethic and a passion for the game, neither will the rest of the team.

  2. Leaders ignore the noise. One of the reasons many do not want to lead is because ALL leaders will be criticized and second guessed.  Even when they are right. If a leader takes a stand, you can be sure that someone is going to stand on the other side and attack him personally. Leaders expect it, have the courage to ignore it and do what is right because it needs to be done.

  3. Leaders Speak Up!  Leadership requires words that inspire, help and encourage. Sometimes leadership requires words that admonish.  Leaders speak up in good times and most importantly during times of crisis. Leaders don’t wait for someone else to speak.

  4. Leaders always care about their teammates more than themselves.  The welfare of the team has #1 priority with them. Most importantly, the last team member, whether he is the smallest, the weakest or the youngest, is as important as the best player on the team.

  5. Leaders understand the importance of daily leadership in team success.   It is a hidden factor that pulls teams together and allows them to perform at levels they would not normally be able to do. Leaders lead everyday!

  6. Leaders pull people forward, they get everyone in the boat, they escort them into the team circle…….they don’t allow them to sit in the back. We are best when we are all together and we all believe in our cause.

  7. Leaders have the courage to go to the front of the battle lines.  They NEVER wait on others. Leaders get a plan and ATTACK!

8. Leaders believe in the power of COMEBACKS! Everyone that tries fails at times. Leaders understand that. A failure is just another opportunity for a great comeback! Leaders live for the opportunity to make a great comeback!


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