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P.J. Fleck Brings New Culture to the Minnesota Gophers

P.J. Fleck was hired at Minnesota to change the culture of a football program that last season had a sexual assault issue and later a team boycott.  Fleck did just that at Western Michigan, taking his team from a 1-9 opening season to a Cotton Bowl berth. His skills as a coach lie not so much on the field as they do off the field.  That’s exactly what Minnesota was looking for in a new head coach.

We coach in a day where there is more X and O knowledge available than ever before.  The internet has help to create offensive and defensive coaches who have great knowledge.  Just because you know a subject doesn’t mean you can teach it.  P.J. Fleck’s success lies in his ability to get his players to believe in him, his program and to get them to buy in to the culture change of the team.  A hundred players who all have a common goal with no one caring about who gets the credit can be a very powerful thing.

Fleck is known for being enthusiastic, creating teamwork, and being a great communicator with his players. Check out a little P.J. Fleck and see if you think you would like to play for him.  Does your program need something special? Are you short on quality athletes?  Did you enter a program that had more excuses than committed players? Maybe you need to look into the Fleck philosophy and create a culture change at your school. You don’t have to do it his way.  Be your own coach.  But he could give you some great ideas that might make coaching your team much more enjoyable, excite your school and community, and make parents actually wanting their sons to be a part of your football program.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and do it YOUR way!  Study P.J. Fleck and get ready for the 2017 season.


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