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Lombardi and Passion

Do you have a passion for your job? Are there areas of football coaching that you especially enjoy?  People who like their jobs are often very successful.  People who have a passion for their job tend not only to love their profession but also to share that passion with others.  Do the other coaches on your staff sense your passion?  Do your players know about your passion for football?  If you have a true love for the game, it should be evident in your attitudes and the things you teach your players year round.  True passion is contagious and results in enthusiasm in your program.  Let passion infiltrate the culture of your football team.

Lombardi wanted to become a priest or a chemistry teacher in his earliest days.  When he agreed to help with the football team at St. Cecelia’s, a coaching legend was born.  But Lombardi’s greatest passion in all of his football duties was for the offense.  He had spent years working with the offense at West Point and with the New York Giants.  When it came to teaching the sweep, his passion for the play was undeniable.

There were actually two sweeps.  He ran the power sweep out of split backs with the ball handed to the opposite back going wide and the lead back helping to seal the play side 4 or 5 technique.  But Lombardi also ran the buck sweep out of a more conventional Wing T backfield.  He would fake the trap (which he also ran to the great Jimmy Taylor #31) and hand the ball to Paul Hornung #5.  The Packers pulled both guards and would run this out of wing and pro sets. Lombardi talked about the fact that the Packers ran the power sweep, but for him the emphasis was on power.

Can you coach your team with the passion of Lombardi?  Let the great coach teach you on this final of three videos as he discusses the halfback pass off of the sweep.


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