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Hudl Assist is a Game Changer for High School Football Coaches

Occasionally, some new trend comes along in football that changes the game. This could be a new offensive system, a rule change or some technology innovation that really improves the game for the high school coach.  Offensively, the RPO has become the latest innovation at every level of football.  Once again, Hudl has changed the world of the high school coach on the technology end with their Hudl Assist  program.

The most valuable commodity of the high school football coach during the season is time.  Most coaches are teaching classes during the day, practicing in the afternoon and preparing for practice or attending other events at night.  After a Friday game, the coaching staff is evaluating that performance while watching video of the upcoming opponent.  He takes data and other information from that video breakdown and begins to work offensive, defensive and kicking game game plans.  This usually takes place on weekends when he is also trying to get a little rest and spend time with his family.  There are never enough hours during the season.

Hudl Assist can change that procedure by doing the breakdowns of the opponents video for the high school coach.  A team simply signs up for the program and then marks which videos they would like to have broken down.  Hudl Assist will break down all of the common categories (qtr, ODK, hash, motion, play direction, play type, formation, gain/loss, down/distance, yard line, etc.) and post on your video. The most unbelievable part of this is that they will do this within 24 hours!  The amount of time involved in breaking down these videos will kill you weekend.  This is especially true at smaller schools where coaches are working on both sides of the ball and watching and breaking down all three phases of the game on the video. If your video is not returned with breakdowns in the 24 hour window, Hudl will send you an email telling you that they will give you a free Hudl Assist breakdown.  Hudl can even customized data for you.

The Hudl Assist program is $1000 for the season.  This includes all of your games as well as all of your scout games that you would like to break down.  There is also a $35 per game package if you would like to do it on an individual game basis.  Hudl is also offering a 12 hour turnaround package with unlimited games for $3000.  This is a great deal if you want to submit games on a Saturday morning and have them returned to you that night.

Hudl Assist is quite possible the best tool that the high school football coach can have in his toolbox. It will allow the staff to best utilize his time to rest and spend time with his family on the weekend, while still giving his team a great opportunity for a first class game plan.  Coaches can spend time on being creative instead of spending all of their time just trying to break down film.

Every school needs Hudl Assist!


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