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Hudl Announces Changes in Storage Limits, Prices for 2019

Hudl is making some important new changes on how a team’s video is going to be stored and how much their normal service packages will cost in the 2019 season. It is the first price increase the company has installed since their inception.

The most critical change to coaches is that from now on all of a team’s archived video that has been tagged as a game will count toward your overall storage quota. In the past, these archived games did not count towards the quota and allowed you to keep a historical record of your team’s game history all in one place. Under the new plan, a coach will most likely need to clear or move all of these games off the Hudl if you ever want to see them again. It some cases, this may be years of footage all the way back to the 60’s or 70’s.

Additionally, the Hudl storage change also now applies to each recorded angle. That means if your archived games had 2 or 3 angles of footage, for example the Endzone view and Pressbox view, then both will count toward your total storage quota. Again, this means keeping archived games in a central location on Hudl is probably going to be a thing of the past.

In short, from now on any and all video you want to store on Hudl is going to count against your storage limit regardless of what it’s tagged as or if the video is an additional angle of the same game.

Hudl has released their new pricing structure for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. The Silver package will be changing from the current $800/year to $900/year. The Gold package is moving up from $1,400/year to $1,600/year. And the Platinum package is increasing from $3,000/year to $3,300/year. It’s important to note that Hudl is increasing the amount of hours that get applied to your storage quota along with these prices.

When Hudl first made the announcement, many coaches expressed concern that they didn’t have enough hours to store their old games. Listening to their customers, Hudl responded by increasing the number of storage hours per plan.

20 additional hours for silver, a total of 100 hours.

50 additional for gold, a total of 200 hours.

150 more hours for platinum, a total of 500 hours.


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