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XO Clinics Serves Up Video for Coaches

One of the best football coaching websites out there today is the This website is dedicated to improving your knowledge of the fundamentals and the x and os of football through video study.

The best thing about is that it is entirely visual. With your yearly subscription cost of $39.95, they have clinic presentations that you can watch on demand. They often concentrate on a certain area of football with a clinic series. There are several presentations on “Red Zone Offense”. What’s your philosophy in the Red Zone? Does it change from week to week? How do you beat the coverages in the red zone that you will see? How can you create an equalizer? Do the defenses you see change in the Red Zone? Presentations discuss game planning, practice preparation and call sheets for the Red Zone.

This website also has a section called Trench Warfare. It is all about offensive line play. There are clinic presentations from high school, college and NFL coaches on zone and power plays and most importantly great drill video. There is also some defensive line drill video included.

The site also has a section called “Chalk Talk” which provides subscribers with interesting video of individual plays a coach might want to add to their offense.

But that is not the best part of They have a section called All 22 Vault. In this vault you will find video of college offenses and defenses with end zone and sideline shots. Want to study the Oklahoma offense? Want to study the Baylor defensive scheme? You can do it with xoclinics.

The offensive vault includes the following videos from the 2019 season:

LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Oregon, Washington State, Clemson, Minnesota, Central Florida, Memphis, Florida Atlantic, Alabama, James Madison, North Dakota State, Eastern Washington, Auburn, SMU, Kentucky, North Carolina and Wake Forest.

The defensive vault has video from the following schools:

Clemson, Ohio State, Utah, Wisconsin, LSU, Baylor, Georgia, South Carolina, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Oregon.

There is also video from the 2018 season and beyond. This includes Art Briles’ Baylor offense and Auburn’s 2013 offense featuring Nick Marshall. The defensive vault from past year’s includes Alabama, Army, Clemson, Georgia and Michigan State.

Each team section includes several game from each season.

But maybe the best part of all- xoclinics is adding clinics and game video weekly.

For coaches who like to study the game in the off season, this might be one of the best values out there. Check out


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