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Herm Edwards Speaks to High School Athletes

There is no one out there today who tells it like it is concerning football any better than former NFL head coach and ESPN analyst Herm Edwards.  Herm is a believer in team and the value that football can play in a young man’s life.  Can’t afford to get Herm to come and speak to your coaches, players or parents?  Check out a Herm Edwards video of one of his speaking engagements.  It is the next best thing. Show it at a gathering of your team or maybe your booster club.  Part of a coach’s job in this day has to be promote the good things about high school football.  Let Herm Edwards help you do that!

In this video Herm speaks at a breakfast honoring the top high school players and teams in Connecticut after the 2012 season. He speaks on what the jerseys means, the importance of the huddle, humility, your personal legacy in football and your collection of choices in your life.


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