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Get your Coaches Ready with Hudl Training Kit


Quick Start Resources Get up to speed with Hudl basics.

  1. Get back in the groove with our quick start guides.

  2. Grab your preseason checklist so you don’t miss a thing.

  3. Bookmark the Help Center for answers to all your questions.

  4. Taking over the Hudl duties for your team? Read this.


Breakdown Data Resources Get the most out of your Hudl Assist data.

  1. Check the quick start guide to see everything Assist can do.

  2. Register for this online class on scouting with data and reports.

  3. Learn how we break down formationdefensive front and more.

  4. Hear how this Oklahoma powerhouse wins with data.


Hudl Sideline Resources Make in-game analysis a breeze.

  1. Learn tips and tricks on our Help Center.

  2. See how it’s done with these how-to videos.

  3. Find accessories to take your gear up a notch.


Play Tools Resources Powerful tools to help your team prepare.

  1. Learn the basics of Play Tools with our quick start guide.

  2. Clean up your playbook before season starts.

  3. Get answers to your playbook questions from Hudl pros.


Coaching and Motivation Resources Resources to teach and inspire.

  1. Follow Hudl Radio to hear coaches talk football and philosophy.

  2. See the top football trends in 2017 from X&O Labs.

  3. Read stories about how other coaches use Hudl.

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