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Every Team Needs Hudl Sideline

Hudl has revolutionized the technology part of high school football for the past decade.  When they introduced Hudl Sideline in 2016, it changed how coaches worked the games and help their players on the sideline.

Hudl Sideline was the best answer to the new NFHS rule allowing the use of video on the sideline and in the press box on game nights as well as the use of video in the locker room at halftime.  Hudl Sideline allows teams to use their existing camera or ipad to record the action and then view it almost immediately in the press box and on the sideline.  No wifi is necessary.  Hudl Sideline uses its own private network that connects all of a team’s cameras and devices.  You can even shoot multiple angles and see them at the same time.  With just a few taps, every angle can be uploaded to Hudl with ODK.

This year Hudl is trying to speed up the hardware set up on game day.  All Hudl Sideline packages come pre configured in a hard, protective case.  One case is labeled for the end zone and one for the press box. Because everything is protected and connected, all a coach has to do is plug the cameras in and point the antennas in the right direction.  For 2017, Plus and Premium customers (top 2 of the 4 Hudl Sideline packages) will receive additional antennas and an improved wireless set up to ensure better coverage. Coaches want fast replays and Hudl Sideline gives them just that.

It is important that teams train and organize their coaches for game nights to get the most out of their Hudl Sideline.  The ability of a coach to make in game adjustments has become more important than ever before.

Check out the video and then go to and check out Hudl Sideline.


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