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Davidson’s Fred Riley on The Importance of High School Football

Veteran Coach Fred Riley took the podium at Mobile County Media Days and spoke about the value of high school football in today’s educational system.  Coach Riley said that he believed football was the most important game we have today because it impacts the most people.  He said that “football is a tremendously important tool in the raising of young people. Our job is to raise and develop young men. It is not to see how many rings we can get on our fingers.”

Coach Riley said that the goal of football at Davidson since he arrived in 2004 was to develop young men that could come back to the community and make a difference there. “We have players who are the first time high school graduates in their family. Some are certainly first time college students in their family.” Coach Riley said that football was the best vehicle we have in our state to achieve some of these goals. “Football gives us a platform to make a difference and that is what we try to do.”

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