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Baylor’s Matt Rhule Talks Passion vs Purpose

Baylor’s new Head Football Coach Matt Rhule certainly has one of the toughest jobs in college football this year as he leads the scandal ridden Baylor Bears into their 2017 season.  He has been entrusted with changing the culture at the school while still expecting success.

The 41 year old former Penn State linebacker won twenty games in his last two seasons at Temple, which was considered by many to be a monumental task in itself. When he was hired in December, Rhule said, “I am truly honored and humble to join the Baylor family. Baylor is a tremendous institution with a history of football success and I know that the passion that so many have for the Bears will help bring the community together to reach even greater heights. I am excited to get started.”

Athletic Director Mack Rhodes, who took over the athletic department in August, said he wanted to find a coach who shared the Baylor values, who had demonstrated success, who showed a true commitment to the overall student-athlete, and could lead the Bears to championships. “We found all of that and more in Matt and we know he will be a perfect fit for the Baylor family,” Rhodes said.

Rhule has not flinched since taking over Baylor, even in the midst of the scandal that never ends. More Title IX lawsuits were brought against the school just last week, and there are apparently more to come. In a meeting of alumni recently, Rhule discussed the difference between his passion and his purpose in life and the vision he has for teaching his players the same lesson.

Here is the video of his Passion vs. Purpose speech.  This is two minutes well worth every coach’s time.

Purpose + Passion Building champions for life at Baylor. — Baylor Football (@BUFootball) May 23, 2017


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