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Study the LA Rams Boot Game to Help Your Offense

Here are some great Rams cutups from 2017 and 2018 on their boot passing game. They do a great job of running zones, counters and speed sweeps out of compressed and bunch sets and setting up their boot game which has been deadly. If you have young quarterbacks, this is a great way to protect them. It is especially good if they are mobile, because the Rams often seal or slam the contain player and get the quarterback on the outside. Best of all, this stuff is really easy for your offensive line to protect They are really actors more than blockers) and obviously will give some great misdirection to your offense.

The Rams also like to align in bunch trips sets, often compressed, and then snap the ball quickly coming from a huddle. This often catches even NFL defenses napping a little. This video will really help your boot game if you love to run the boots, whether under center or in the pistol or regular gun.


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