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South Defeats North in 2019 All Star Game

Vigor quarterback Kyle Walker threw a 31-yard touchdown pass to his Wolves teammate and South MVP Artell Howell with 6:23 left in the game to give the South a 22-19 win over the North at Cramton Bowl.

The TD gave the South the 22-19 lead and the defense held on in the final six minutes as the North tried valiantly to get into the end zone. The win for the South improved its lead in the series that started in 1948 to 31-27-2).

Howell had three catches for 77 yards, a kickoff for 42 yards and a rush attempt for 8 yards. Waker was 3-of-8 passing for 50 yards and had 10 carries for 51 yards.

Jayland Whitsett, another Vigor teammate, had 12 carries for 66 yards, including a 1-yard TD run.

North MVP Noah Turbyfill of Brooks had a game-high 82 yards rushing on 12 carries and returned a kickoff 39 yards.

Tallassee’s Trent Cochran-Gill led the South with nine tackles. Prattville’s Zachary Boerner and Vigor’s E.J. Thomas each added seven tackles. Andrew Gaylor of Dora led the North with eight stops. Micah Wood of Jasper had five tackles and two tackles resulting in 15 yards in losses.


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