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Optimized Mental Performance Coaching, LLC Can Make a Real Difference

Richard Koehler started out just like most guys who wanted to coach. He worked on the staff at Lee of Huntsville and later at Sheffield High School as a defensive coordinator. He then got the opportunity to go to the college level and coach for Bill Burgess at Jacksonville State, where he stayed for four highly successful seasons.

Koehler then moved on to Samford University where he worked nine seasons on the staffs of Chan Gailey and Pete Hurt. As happens to many coaches, Koehler decided to get out of the coaching profession and go into business. He took a more financially lucrative job as a pharmaceutical salesman and once again achieved success. Koehler received numerous national sales awards, including two time Business Performance Award, two time MVP Award, and two time member of the National Team of the Year Award.

But for Koehler, the desire of working with football and working with young people never left him. So he retired from sales and took his 20 years of coaching experience and 20 years of successful business experience and went to work with the UAB football program. There he developed Optimized Mental Performance, LLC. UAB was the 2020 Conference USA Championship.

Koehler now works full time as the CEO of OMPC, LLC. "The mission of our company is to equip coaches and athletes with mental skills to compliment their physicals skills and mental schemes that coaches are teaching," Koehler said. "We teach coaches and athletes how to develop specific mental skills and strategies. We can improve focus, confidence and and manage performance anxiety for athletes."

Coaches tend to concentrate on physical skills, but it is often the mental approach that limits their team's victories. Koehler has had success with his "Mental Skills Playbook". He teaches a number of lessons to improve the mindset of the player- including the importance of belief, focus drills, visualization drills, motivation and commitment, effort, leadership, etc. Koehler can help programs understand the importance of working on and building the culture of the team.

In addition to his work at UAB, Koehler has worked with high schools and has developed a playbook for them. He can work with your team during the off season, preseason practice, in connection with football camps or even during the season. OMPC, LLC. can work around your schedule and be that difference for your individual players and your team, allowing them to grow their mindset for success.

Contact Richard Koehler at Optimized Mental Performance Coaching at 205- 427-6675.


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