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Minutes from Summer ALFCA Board Meeting

The board of directors of the Alabama Football Coaches Association met on Thursday, July 21st, 2022 at the Embassy Suites in Montgomery.

Coach Jack Wood and President Terry Curtis welcomed several new board members. Scott Rials of Baldwin County is the new board member from District 1. Toby Greene, head coach at Northside Methodist in Dothan will now represent District 2 on the board. John Ritter of Russellville is the new District 7 board member. Jake Garrett of Hewitt Trussville is the new member in the assistant coach slot.

AHSAA Executive Director Alvin Briggs and Assistant Director Kim Vickers were present and addressed the board on several issues concerning football.

Coach Wood then introduced Randy Eccker and Tim Prukop of Eccker Sports. The Eccker Sports team came on as a sponsor this past spring and talked to the board about their company, which educates high school coaches, administrators, parents and players on NIL. This group keeps up with all of the laws concerning NIL and can help coaches by teaching everyone at the high school about NIL.

Coach Wood also announced that ProCom headsets had also come on board as a sponsor of the association.

Coach Wood then introduced David Lundberg and J.D. Atkins of ALFBA-Chat. These two coaches have started a Twitter chat group that discusses all types of coaching issues and strategies in the off season. Their Twitter chat has become more and more popular. This past summer, the two held a "35 Under 35" clinic discussion group at Vestavia Hills. They invited 35 young coaches to discuss football issues and strategies with some of the best coaches in the state, both past and present. Included in the small group discussions were Jamey Dubose of Orange Beach, Keith Etheredge of Auburn, Steve Smith of Piedmont and Buddy Anderson, retired Vestavia coach. Lundberg and Atkins asked for the support of the board in continuing this event. The board was impressed with the two coaches and agreed to assist through participating themselves as well as to help them financially.

Coach Wood thanked all for their help with the ALFCA All Star Social on Wednesday. He stated that the event was a great success again and was well attended.

The board discussed the possibility of doing a spring combine and recruiting fair. Coach Jere Adcock has conducted a similar recruiting fair in North Alabama for several years.

Committees were named for nominating the Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year awards for the 2022 season. Coach Wood decided to put three board members on each committee. President Terry Curtis and former president Jamie Riggs will continue to work with the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The 18th annual ALFCA Convention was set by Coach Wood for January 26th-28th, 2023 at the Embassy Suites in Montgomery. The board then discussed a change for the convention. To increase attendance at the ALFCA General Assembly meeting, Coach Wood and Coach Curtis suggested moving that meeting to the first event on the agenda on Thursday afternoon. There was discussion about possibly extending Friday afternoon with one more speaker session replacing the General Assembly meeting.

Coach Wood set the next board meeting for Super 7 in December at Auburn. With there being no other business, the board adjourned.


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