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Here are Some Spots to Eat at the ALFCA Convention

Plan your meals at the 2022 ALFCA Convention in downtown Montgomery. The city has a number of great eating places within easy walking distance of the Embassy Suites. Make plans with your staff and coaching friends ahead of time to eat at one of these restaurants.

1) Wentzell's - Famous Alabama seafood restaurant chain located on Commerce Street right behind the Renaissance Hotel which is across the street from the Embassy.

2) Dreamland BBQ - Enough said. Located on West Jefferson Street about a 10 minute walk from the Embassy.

3) SaZa - Located at the Alley across the street from Wintzell's. Good Italian dishes plus pizza makes this a winner.

4) The House - Restaurant at the Renaissance, close and will be less of a wait than at some of the other spots like Dreamland and Wintzell's.

5) Jalepenos in the Alley - If you want Mexican without going far, this is your place. Located in the Alley across from Wintzell's.

6) Jimmy Johns - If you want a deli sandwich really freaking fast, this spot will fix you up in a hurry. Jimmy Johns is also located on Commerce at the Alley.

7) Mellow Mushroom -Pizza chain located at Bibb and Commerce Street just past the Alley bars and restaurants.

8) The Farmers Market - A good 10 minute walk but well worth it. They are open for breakfast and lunch, with a meat and three serving line at lunch. On North McDonough Street.

9) Chris Hot Dogs - A little further downtown at 138 Dexter Avenue. They have served everyone from Harry Truman to Dr. Martin Luther King to Elvis Presley since 1917. Fun to place to go to lunch if you like hot dogs and history.

10) Irish Bred - On 78 Dexter Avenue, this is a great place for lunch and dinner with a wide variety menu- chicken, steak, ribs, etc.


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