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H.U.T. Strap Innovative Tool for Football Safety

The H.U.T. (Heads Up Training) Strap is one of the most innovative items to come across the football market. The H.U.T. strap was created by Ken Thompson, a Mountain Brook attorney and former Carroll of Ozark football player.

Having the head up is an important safety issue in all levels of football, and Thompson said he felt like there should be a better way to help players with that issue other than just coaches yelling, “Keep your head up!”

“Experts all agree that the most vulnerable position for a player during contact is when his head is lowered”, Thompson said. “The key to safety is keeping the head up.”

The H.U.T. Strap is a two piece military grade nylon strap that is connected in the center of the helmet by a safety release clasp. The upper clasp is placed on the rear shell of a player’s helmet and the lower clasp is placed on the rear shell of the shoulder pads. The two straps are then connected and automatically detached when 5 pounds of pressure is applied.

If a player improperly lowers his head beyond an acceptable range of motion, the safety release clasp unsnaps. The player can both hear and slightly feel the clasp when it snaps. It provides a great teaching and learning moment as players learn what is acceptable helmet movement and what is not.

Thompson has introduced the H.U.T. Strap to some colleges, as well as speaking to coaches around the state about his innovation.

Check out the H.U.T. Strap video below. Go to for more information.


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