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ALFCA Summer Board Meeting Minutes

ALFCA Executive Director Jack Wood welcomed members of the Board of Directors to the annual ALFCA Summer Meeting last Thursday, July 22 at the Embassy Suites in Montgomery. Coach Wood and President Terry Curtis presided over the meeting. All members were present with the exception of Brett Mask of Colbert County.

Coach Wood welcomed sponsors who have joined the ALFCA team in the past few months. Whataburger joined up in March and was represented by Ellen Chandler who covered the Whataburger team meal program. Jamey Pratt came from TeamFunder, a company out of Chattanooga that joined the association as sponsor in July. TeamFunder has creative products for fund raising that almost totally eliminates coaches from the process. 50% of all proceeds goes directly to the team. Hudl and Dragonfly also made short presentations to the board.

New AHSAA Executive Director Alvin Briggs and assistant director Kim Vickers spoke to the board about personnel changes at the AHSAA and other issues and challenges facing the association and high school football in the months to come. The Central Board of the AHSAA meets next week.

Coach Wood talked to the board about the following:

  • The ALFCA Summer Social on Wednesday was a great success with possibly the largest attendance ever.

  • Sponsor Update- It looks as if the association has survived the pandemic with sponsors intact. There were a few adjustments made by Coach Wood to help sponsors who were struggling, but everyone appears to be in better shape now.

  • Financial- Coach Wood declared the ALFCA to be in good shape. He was able to cut some costs during the pandemic last year to help guide the ALFCA through. There is no debt. He stated that the association should continue to do the same things that we have done in the past.

  • Virtual Clinic last January- a success. Coach thanked everyone involved and said that the ALFCA actually made $1250 off of fees to watch through the company that provided the clinic presentations online.

  • The AFCA Convention is scheduled this January for San Antonio and Coach Wood said the ALFCA would provide a stipend for board members who would like to attend. Coach Wood has maintained that attending the AFCA has helped us keep our convention strong and current with great ideas through the years.

  • ALFCA will have a social again for coaches at Super 7 in Birmingham.

  • Coach Wood talked briefly about the ALFCA Convention, scheduled for January 27-28, 2022, with the banquet on Saturday the 29th. He said that the video presentation for the Lifetime Achievement Awards this past year made that part extra special. He expects everything to be back to normal and he has already made contacts with some college coaches about speaking (#swingyoursword).

  • Coach of the Year Chairpersons- 1A-2A Brett Mask (Colbert County), Steve Smith (Piedmont), Jamie Riggs (Past President). 3A-4A Laron White (Sparkman), Andro Williams (Danville), Jimmy Perry (St.James). 5A-7A Jere Adcock (Decatur), Ben Blackmon (Spanish Fort), Richie Busby (Helena), Erik Speakman (Opelika).

  • Lifetime Achievement Chairpersons- Terry Curtis (UMS Wright), Jamie Riggs (Past President)

Past President Jamie Riggs gave an update on the ALFCA website and Twitter account. He gave some stats and said he expected the website and Twitter to move up a step or two in the months to come. He hopes to increase the number of Twitter followers and traffic to the website.

President Terry Curtis and the board members talked about some critical issues coming up about football in the next year:

  • Changes at the AHSAA

  • Importance of membership numbers in the coming year

  • Possible rule changes to decrease the recruitment of players

  • Covid issues that still exist

  • Forfeiture amounts for contracts

  • 3rd party individuals and groups promoting individual players through camps and 7 on 7 competitions

  • GoFan tickets compared to school selling tickets

With their being no other business, Coach Wood thanked executive assistant Jennifer Byrd and the board and closed the meeting.


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