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ALFCA Membership 2021/22- Using Dragonfly to Join

To join the Alabama Football Coaches Association, you can now use your Dragonfly account. Below are the directions:

How do I join my Coaches/Administrators Association? Join your coaches or administrators association from your Today page on the DragonFly website. Written by Clint Sanders Updated over a week ago Join as a New Member (Scroll down for instructions as a returning member with a DragonFly account) 1. Follow the instructions in the sign-up handout to create your account and join your school as a coach and/or administrator. 2. Your Today page should include two buttons related to your school: "My Information" and "Complete My Registration". Select 'Complete Your Registration' to submit your school registration requirements. (These will vary by state and school.) 3. Return to your 'Today' page and select 'My Information' to open your profile. 4. On your profile page, select 'Connect to a School or Association' then select the 'Other School Role' option, then choose your state. The "Other School Role" creates a generic role that allows you to be associated with a school / association but not necessarily working within that school or association. 5. Search for the name of your coaches association in the search field. (In some states, you may be given a code to make it easier to find.) Select your association from the list and select the 'Join' button, then the 'Save' button. 6. You are now connected to your association. Your Today page will include a second "Complete My Registration" button specific to your coaches association. Click here to see your list of registration requirements and complete these (including payment if required) to finish your annual registration. Instructions for Returning/Renewing Membership If you have previously joined your coaches association and simply need to renew your membership, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your existing DragonFly account.

  2. On your Today page, you should see two "Complete My Registration" buttons. First, be sure that your school registration is complete. Then, click "Complete My Registration" for your coaches association requirements.

  3. On the list of registration requirements, complete all requirements listed, pay your association fees (if required) and finish your annual registration.

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