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ALFCA January Board Meeting

The Board of Directors of the Alabama Football Coaches Association met on Thursday, January 24th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Montgomery. Executive Director Jack Wood called the meeting to order.

Coach Wood thanked the board members for their continued service. He then went through the agenda for the convention. The association had a record number of pre registrations this year for the convention. He apologized for the lack of rooms and the remodeling going on at the Embassy. Coach Wood said he was unaware until they arrived at the hotel. He didn’t think it would affect us greatly but that the Embassy should have informed him earlier. The board entertained some discussion about the possibility that we had out grown the hotel and that we might need to move the convention to another venue next year.

Executive Assistant Jennifer Byrd went through the speaker list and the banquet list as to who on the board was introducing whom at the clinic and who was presenting awards at the banquet.

The board discussed the possibility of supporting a proposal to declare all transfers ineligible unless signed off by the previous school. After much discussion it was decided to write the proposal in detail and send to the board members. If this was satisfactory the way is was written with all, the board would support it.

Representative from a athletic promotion company called Pure Game made a presentation of their service to the board.

AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese, Alvin Briggs and Kim Vickers came to give the board an update on football. They spent most of the time with discussion about the two present law suits against the AHSAA and the ramifications for the future should this litigation be successful.

Coach Wood declared the financial status of the association to be in good standing.

President Terry Curtis closed the meeting and the board adjourned to lunch.


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