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ALFCA December Board of Directors Meeting

The board of directors of the ALFCA met Friday, December 6th at the Auburn Athletic Complex. President Terry Curtis and District 1 member Ben Blackmon were not in attendance as their teams were participating in the Super 7 Championships.

Executive Director Jack Wood and Vice President Jere Adcock presided over the meeting.

Coach Wood declared the association to be in excellent financial condition with no outstanding debt. Sponsorship funds continued to be coming in to the association.

Coach Wood reviewed the board on the national football meeting that he and Coach Curtis attended in Tuscaloosa this summer. The meeting included representatives from the NCAA, the NFL and the NFHS. The purpose of the meeting is to decided what needs to be done to promote football and fight the negative publicity that the sport has suffered over the past few years. Coach Wood said he believed some positive things would come from the continued meetings that would help high school football.

The biggest item on the agenda was the 2020 ALFCA Convention to be held January 23rd-25th, 2020 at the Embassy Suites in Montgomery. Coach Wood announced the speakers and covered who would introduce each at the convention. The construction that was taking place at the hotel last year has been completed.

The board then listened to the Coach of the Year nominations from those committee chairs and verified this year’s winners in both the head coach and assistant coach categories. Coach Wood thanked the board members who worked on those committees. They then heard a report from the Lifetime Achievement committee and verified this year’s recipient’s of those awards. The board discussed some future possibilities as recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

All of the awards will be presented at the ALFCA Coach of the Year Banquet on Saturday, January 25th at 11:15 AM.

With there being no other business, the board adjourned. The ALFCA Board of Directors will meet again on Thursday, January 23rd just before the convention begins.


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