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ALFCA Convention Wrap Up- Part 3

When the first ALFCA Convention was organized 15 years ago, the board of the ALFCA felt that one of the most important aspects of the convention would be strictly social. They wanted for coaches to have an opportunity to see their peers and just sit and talk. It was important that we have the convention somewhere that could take place. It was important to have the convention where there where restaurants near so coaches could share drinks and meals with their friends.

The Embassy Suites in downtown Montgomery seemed to be the perfect place. It has remained as the hub for the ALFCA Convention since the first year. With free Happy Hour and free breakfast and with a number of nearby restaurants, the hotel has served the convention well.

One of the best parts of the convention has been the opportunity for coaches to be able to sit out among the tables in the lobby and restaurant area and talk and draw football. There is plenty to be learned at the clinic sessions, but even more to be gained from sharing among your peers. Creative ideas, whether about offense, defense or organization, drive high school football. The coaches that stay ahead of the game seem to be able to keep their teams competitive on a yearly basis. If you don’t have the athletes that your region opponents have, creativity might be your answer. The ALFCA Convention is a great place to ask that certain coach about his offense, his weight program, his best defensive stunt or exactly how to run that trick play.

Next year- be at the convention. Call your buddies and get them to the convention. Go out to eat, share football and network. Meet some new coaches and make some new friends. Come back with a renewed enthusiasm and some ideas to help your program.


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