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Alabama High School Football-The Latest News-August 2, 2021

1) Word coming from some of the football leadership in the state is that this may be a year that outside pressures try to have an influence on rules concerning high school football in the state. Membership in the ALFCA has never been more important as the association works with the AHSAA to keep the game strong. It is extremely important that head coaches join the ALFCA and sign up your varsity and junior varsity staff members as well. Look for the annual ALFCA mail out with registration information to come to your schools in August.

2) Most schools have at least one staff member who helps with video and keeps up with the latest happenings on Hudl. They have some video training camps going on this week. Make sure to check out the Hudl Outdoor Focus cameras that are know available and make sure you are signed up for Hudl Assist.

3) Former Jackson and Leroy coach Danny Powell is retired from teaching, but after a year in AISA ball has returned to Leroy to work with offense on Coach Jason Massey's staff.

4) Former Scottsboro and Oneonta coach Don Jacobs also retired from public school in January and moved south to Dothan where he is the offensive coordinator on new head coach Eddie Brundidge's staff at Houston Academy.

5) Baker High School had to suspend football operations for a week during the latter part of July because of a Covid outbreak. High school football is not out of the woods yet on the Covid issue. Encourage your players and parents to be vaccinated for the good of your team. Sometimes, you just have to declare some issues a "team thing." Vaccinating now will help you sleep a little better as those big games roll up in September and October.

6) There are always trends in high school football, and Gulf Shores seems to have started one. Gulf Shores hired former UNA and Louisiana College coach Mark Hudspeth as head coach and he in turn has hired some former college coaches who have decided that living at the beach might be a good thing. He has five members of his staff that are full time coaches that don't teach at the school, just coach football. Orange Beach coach Chase Smith, a former South Alabama assistant himself, has hired former West Virginia defensive coordinator Vic Koenning as his DC. Loom for this trend to continue along the Gulf Coast.


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