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AHSAA Central Board Makes Change to Playoff Format

Whether a team plays home or away can be a big issue in the AHSAA football playoff format. During its summer meeting last week, the AHSAA Central Board of Control added a new factor. The number of times a team traveled will still be the determining factor in deciding home/away for playoff games. However, if the travel is the same, the higher seeded team in the region will be the home team.  This will be a factor in determining location during rounds 2 through the semi finals.

The AHSAA also approved a running clock for games where the score has become lopsided.  A running clock can be used in the second half if both coaches deem that the game is out of hand. “Even when I coached, there were schools using a running clock, but it was against National Federation rules,” AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said on “The National Federation is now encouraging member associations to find ways to promote safety, one being a running clock.”

The AHSAA also announced a record $2 million in revenue sharing with its member schools. The AHSAA Central Board’s next meeting is set for October.


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