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A Steve Sarkisian Mini Clinic

Steve Sarkisian is the latest offensive genius to hit college football. No one doubts that he had great players in his time at Alabama. However, his ability to use those great players and pressure the defense is what separated his philosophy and his game plans from others. Coach Sark used all kinds of motions and believed in using RPOs force the defense to play man. Once he had them in man, he wanted to throw crossing routes that receivers could catch on the run for big gains. His quarterbacks read receiver progressions and his offensive unit became the king of the play action pass. His RPO concepts were 21st century. His belief in running the ball to create the play action pass was straight out of the 1980s and 90s.

Check out these Youtube videos on the Sarkisian offense. The first is his Nike clinic presentation from All 22 Breakdown after the 2019 season. He shares his thoughts on attacking with the Alabama offense. The next two videos are Max Browne (former USC quarterback) and The Coordinator Project and their look at how Coach Sark attacked defenses at Alabama.


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