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2nd Annual Spread and Defensive Clinic to be Held on Friday

The 2nd annual Spread and Defensive Clinic will be held this Friday and Saturday, February 22nd and 23rd at the Soiree Event Gallery in Birmingham. The clinic begins at 8:20 AM on Friday.

The offensive presenters include Patrick Taylor, OC, North Surry H.S. (NC), Tracy Malone, OC, Knox West H.S. (Tn.), Tucker Pruitt, Head Coach, Fitzgerald H.S. (Ga.), Brent Dearmon, Off Assistant, Univ. of Kansas, Sam Adams, Head Coach, Hillcrest H.S., and Russ Calloway, OC, Samford University.

Defensive coaches set to speak include Chris Boone, DL Coach, Southern Miss, Patrick Plott, DC, Auburn High School, Max Thurmond, LB Coach, Univ. of Charlotte, Kevin Sherrer, DC, Univ. of Tennessee, Chad McGehee, DC, Hoover H.S., and Rusty Watters, DL Coach, Lee County H.S. (Ga.).

Houston Academy Coach Jamie Riggs will speak at the Head Coaches Academy, scheduled for 4:30 PM on Friday.


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