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+10 Culture Clinic Promises a Different Experience

Auburn High School Head Football Coach Adam Winegarden recognized that success in most fields is about relationships. Certainly high school football is about relationships. He launched his “Lessons from the Goalpost” website this past year with writings and essays that has gathered a nice following among coaches , parents and others in the relationship business. Now he is ready to take the next step with his +10 Culture Clinic.

The +10 Culture Clinic will be held Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn. It will be a total program development clinic that will help coaches streamline their football program to help players with developing value and life skills.

Over 3600 people follow Winegarden’s “Lessons from the Goalpost”. If you looking for help to rebuild or rekindle your football program, the +10 Culture Clinic could very well be what you need.

Coach Winegarden is excited about the possibilities of this new clinic.  ” We have great passion to serve athletic leaders and maximize our life impact through the experience of team sports. This event will provide a process of maximizing the “Total Program “ by streamlining your purpose, people, and programs. We want to give you a process of streamlining your mission to maximize resources, connect all involved, and develop the “whole player”.  This will help give an intentional mindset to increase the value of all Stakeholders. This workshop will also provide a Total Program Clinic Manual.

Cost of the clinic is $125.00 before March 1st and $150.00 afterward. Coaches will receive a clinic manual. The +10 Culture clinic will be a great way to network and share with other coaches as you learn to improve the environment of your team.

Go to and click on +10 Culture Clinic at the top of the page. You can get an agenda as well as hotel and registration information.

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