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Tweeting for Games

The AHSAA is supposed to release the new classification and region alignments for the 2020-21 seasons tomorrow morning around 10 AM. At this time there will be several teams scrambling to fill games on their schedule and to resolve this problem we are going to try to a Twitter Thread for those who are looking. We will make a tweet tomorrow morning around 8:00 AM that you can reply to. Our hope is that there can be a central location for people looking for games.

When you reply please include your School, your classification and the Week you need a game (wk 0,1 etc.). If there is any other information you deem important please feel free to include it as well.

If you are looking for a game reply to this thread with the team name, the classification and the week you need the game (WK 0, 1 etc.) If there is any other info you feel important feel free to share #ahsaa — ALFCA (@ALFCA_) December 17, 2019


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