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The High School Football Analyst-Part 5-The Off Season

As we finish up our look at the value of the high school football analyst, here are some ways that an analyst can be of use to coaches in the off season.

1) Have an analyst review the season on video and make some suggestions. The head coach can give him a list of issues that he feels need addressing and let the analyst look at it from a different perspective.

2) If the team needs some defensive ideas to help improve for the next season, hire on an analyst who has expertise in that area. A retired head coach who was defensive minded or a retired defensive coordinator that dealt in a similar scheme during his career would be a great way to help the defensive staff. After reviewing the film from the past season or even before that, the analyst could make some suggestions as far as scheme and practice that might make a real difference. He could then make a complete report and then come and have an off season sit down with the defensive coaches. Coaches go to clinics to learn ideas that might help their team. This would be a way to get help in a specific area from someone who has great knowledge and experience. This would be a great way to have a clinic for the defensive staff, much more valuable than just attending a regular clinic.

3) If the head coach wants to do the same offensively, he could hire on an analyst to study some aspect of offense. If you have a young quarterback who is going to be a great a great duel threat, hiring an analyst who has coached such a player in previous years could be greatly beneficial. He could watch him on tape and make suggestions how to best work him into your regular offense and put pressure on the defense. He could also give suggestions of how to use that quarterback to attack specific defenses.

4) Hire an analyst to completely breakdown your kicking game. He could list every kicking play from the year before, complete with all stats. Detailed descriptions of why the kickoff team allowed a big return, or what are the three biggest problems with the kickoff return team. The analyst could put video together and make some playlists to teach by. Stats such as "Net Punt" should be completely explained so that all members of the staff understand. What problems did the punt team have with protection? From such a study, beliefs and rules for teaching could become a big part of improving your kicking game.

High school football coaches work long hours, teach classes, and coach other sports as part of their normal job. They still have church and civic responsibilities, as well as wives and families that they attend to on a daily basis. Everyone knows that off season study would help their team, but having the time to do that is another issue. The high school football analyst could be the hidden off season gem a head coach is looking for to take his team to the next level in the years to come.


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