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Rick Cauley Resigns at Gulf Shores

New Gulf Shores Rick Cauley has resigned his position with the school to take a position as assistant head coach at Satsuma High School.  Cauley, a Satsuma graduate, took the Gulf Shores job in December.  He has spent 19 years at Murphy High School in Mobile, the last three as head coach.  He will serve Satsuma’s head coach Justin Thomas as offensive coordinator.

“At this time, it’s what is best for me and my family,” Cauley told “It will make it where we can be together more. I have young kids, and I feel like being there at this stage of their lives is important. I talked to a lot of veteran coaches, and a lot of them say if they have one regret it is not spending more time with their families. I don’t want to be that guy. I have one go-around, and I want to do it right.”

At Satsuma, he will rejoin Thomas. The two worked together for a year at Murphy when Cauley was offensive coordinator and Thomas was the offensive line coach.


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