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Make the ALFCA Virtual Clinic a Social Event for Your Coaches

One of the things we all miss about the ALFCA Convention this year is seeing all of our coaching friends that we have made over the years. The convention is also a time each year for your staff to get together and enjoy some time away from what has been a very stressful school year.

Gather your staff together for the clinic that begins next Friday at 2:00 PM. Find a great place to watch the clinic. Maybe borrow someone's house or cabin away from it all.

Get your technology coach to help set up a big screen TV and internet to watch the clinic in style. Spend a little money on some good food and drink and have it delivered for your staff. Your coaches will appreciate the extra effort as you turn the ALFCA Virtual Clinic into a special afternoon and night.

If you have enough room, include your JV coaches and maybe even another staff from a nearby school .

Don't forget to sign up in advance at A little planning in advance can make this a great event for all of your coaching staff.

The ALFCA Virtual Clinic runs from 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM next Friday, January 29th.


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