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Instant Replay Part 2

Here is the second part of what Alabama’s high school football coaches are saying about the new rule on instant replay.

Stacy Luker, Clarke County- “The cost of the equipment concerns me. It’s hard to budget for something when you don’t know how much it is going to cost and you are working on a tight budget anyway. I also worry about implementing instant replay in our state when there has been no discussion and education with coaches and possibly even referees about it. Just a lot of unknowns about it right now.”

Jeff Kelley, Saraland- “I believe that the idea of instant replay in high school can be a good thing for everyone. I believe that the officials would welcome the opportunity to get a second look on certain plays. I think it might make the coach and referee relationship better during the course of the game. ”

Ben Blackmon, Spanish Fort- “I think it could be a good thing as long as the video quality of the teams using the technology is very good. The types of cameras used and how proficient the person is at capturing the video will play a major role. I do think if you can get it corrected, then by all means do so.”

Roger McDonald, Carroll- “I think it is a great idea and for us the issue is not money but the technology. We often having a student filming our games and that could be an issue. I also think that the officials have too much to worry about as it is. I hope this doesn’t add to their stress. But for the schools that have the resources, it should be great.”

Laron White, Sparkman- “I am really fine with it, because even though it may slow down the game, it gives the officials a chance to get that crucial play call right. That could be the difference in the game. Sometimes advances in the game are necessary and we just have to coach our kids to play hard and not worry about things we cannot control.”

Jere Adcock, Decatur- “I am glad that the AHSAA board has found a way to use this as a pilot program. I am aware that much effort and study went into this process. I am concerned as to the expense for the schools and I am concerned that we cannot use what Hudl already affords us. The quality of the film we get with one or two cameras may not be beneficial to the one making the challenge. ”

Josh Floyd, Hewitt Trussville- “I think it is a good idea. It will be a great opportunity for high school football in Alabama.  There are still some details to be worked out but we plan on using it here. Our officials do a great job but it just allows the right call to be made during the crucial times of the game.”

Les Sanders, Geneva- “I think the theory of instant replay is good. Everybody- coaches, fans and officials- all want the call to be right. As a member of the football committee I was able to hear the concerns and possible problems that might arise.The obvious one is financially can everyone afford it. And from week to week you won’t have the same camera angles.  But my biggest concern would be the delay and the added length to the games.”

Erik Speakman, Opelika- “I am really excited about the use of replay in our games this fall.  It is going to help our officials make sure a call is correct on a bang-bang play that could be one of the deciding plays in a game.  I am glad that our leadership is willing to be on the forefront of issues like this.  It will only help our game once the kinks are worked out.”


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