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Dear Coach Part 3

This is the third in a three part series of letters from parents to their son’s high school football coach

Dear Coach,

It was another great win Friday night! Somehow you guys keep playing them close every week but finding a way to win. That’s just good coaching.

As you know Tim’s surgery on his knee went well. The doctor expects his rehab to be routine. We all understand that it is part of football and even part of life as far as that goes. We all have setbacks and our son looks at it as just that. He learned that from football. He will do his rehab and fully recover.

The hardest part of this is that it happened so early in his senior year. It’s hard not only on the player, but his parents as well. Tim looked forward so much to this season.

His mother and I just want to thank you for the letter you wrote him. Tim had just gotten home from rehab and was feeling a little down. When his mother told him there was a letter from coach, he grabbed it and read it immediately.

Your words somehow made the injury much less. You made him understand what an important part of the team he has been over the last four years and that would not change. And I believe he is going to take you up on your offer of helping with the JV team for the rest of the season.

He let us read the letter and we truly understand now why he had such great respect for you. I think the thing that meant the most to his mother and I was that you took the time in the middle of a busy football season to honor our son. We will forever be grateful to you.




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