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Book Review-“Breaking Down the 2018 Oklahoma Offense”

It’s always a good idea to study in the off season. Offense, defense and special teams study improves your knowledge and and helps you stay up with the game. Watching film and studying a certain offensive or defensive scheme is a great way to improve your team.

Author Noah Riley has done a lot of the work for you. He has completely broken down Lincoln Riley’s 2018 Oklahoma Offense led by Kyler Murray. He has philosophy and stats that show what the Sooner offense was trying to accomplish each week. Riley has included diagrams of over 300 plays against the different defenses of the Sooner opponents of 2018. He has included the blocking schemes used by Oklahoma on each diagram.

Riley has described the Oklahoma run game and discussed the strategy employed. He has done the same with the Sooner passing game. He does a great job of discussing the Oklahoma QB reads on their runs plays as well as their RPO game.

One of the best parts of the book is that he has a video of almost all of the plays discussed on a website. The reader can watch them as he reads or he can read a section and then go back and watch the video. Riley has done much of the grunt work in studying the Oklahoma offense.

If nothing else, the manuscript is a nice playbook of the Oklahoma offense and will serve as an excellent resource for any offensive coach.

The paperback book is $25 on Amazon and the Kindle version in $10.


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