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Athletic Field Supply Begins 12th Year as ALFCA Sponsor

When James Chasteen of Athletic Field Supply heard about the Alabama Football Coaches Association, he knew his company, started in his basement in 1994, needed to become a partner of the new association. Now in their 12th year with the ALFCA, Athletic Field Supply continues to provide paint and other essential field services to coaches all over the state of Alabama.

Sons Keith and Kurt are now the face of the business, and are known throughout the state for not only providing quality products, but also for outstanding service to their customers.  Coach Frank Tucker of Alexandria says he has always enjoyed doing business with Athletic Field Supply.  “Their service is unbeatable. They really care about their customers.”  Former T.R. Miller football Coach Jamie Riggs says he used Athletic Field Supply paint for many years. “The brightness of their OneStripe paint is obvious, even from a distance.  I can’t tell you how many times down through the years I had a paint emergency of some kind and Athletic Field Supply always got me the paint I needed and when I needed it.”

Athletic Field Supply is known throughout Alabama for their paint, but they also provide other field products for football such as chain sets, down markers, goal post pads and field marking kits. They can also help coaches of other sports as well.  For baseball and softball, Athletic Field Supply has drags, mats, windscreens, pitching rubbers, bases and all types of infield dirt products. The Chasteens can also help coaches with stencils and colored paint to spruce up any field for the big game.

“Athletic Field Supply became a sponsor for the ALFCA for a simple reason- we wanted to give back to the high school football coaches of Alabama,” says Kurt Chasteen.  “We have relationships with many coaches throughout this state that go back decades. We have seen them have an amazing impact on so many kids and we are tremendously inspired by that dedication.”  He added that when Executive Director Jack Wood and former ALFCA President Jamie Riggs gave Athletic Field Supply an opportunity many years ago to join up with the association, they quickly jumped on board. “The ALFCA does many things for the coaches of this state and it is our honor to give back to them.”

The ALFCA is proud of its association with Athletic Field Supply and looks forward to many more years of partnership.  ALFCA asks all of its members to consider Athletic Field Supply for all of your field needs.


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