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ALFCA Welcomes as New Sponsor

Updated: Jul 20, 2021 has become the newest sponsor of the Alabama Football Coaches Association.

Executive Director Jack Wood is excited about having this up and coming company on board. "In the age of technology, has created a way to utilize the latest tools to make fundraising for your team more simple than ever before. They understand today's athletic climate, parents and players and how they purchase to support their teams. Plus, the coaches or booster clubs can let do all of the work."

Let tell you how it works! A Better Way To Fundraise

Fundraising and time are both essential to the success of every football program, yet these two areas tend to work against each other. So how does a coach successfully fundraise without sacrificing the valuable time needed for practice and game-planning?

Enter—an innovative fundraising solution so you don’t ever have to sweat when it comes to raising funds for your team. Here are three reasons why coaches love

  1. No long periods spent waiting: We understand how precious your time is, so you deserve a fundraising program that’s efficient as possible. Is it possible to see the money roll in with less effort? With, your team’s custom page is created within a week, and all donations are handled electronically. And plus? You’ll receive one check after your campaign ends, so it’s easy to keep track of everything!

  2. Direct delivery: You read that right—we’ll take care of producing your supporter’s new, branded products and ship them directly to their door.

  3. Donation options for everyone: Not only do we have useful clocks, mirrors, chalkboards, and other items branded with your logos, we also have traditional monetary donation options for those more inclined just to give without return. Anyone can support your hard-working football players!

We’ve talked about how will save you time, but how else does it benefit you and your team?:

  1. One simple, shareable link

One URL (just for your team) is everything you need to get the word out about your fundraiser. This custom link makes it easy for teammates, coaches, and families to share across emails, texts, group chats, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other forms of social media.

2. Spend more time with your team

If you had to choose between coordinating your fundraising or going over plays with your team, we know which option you would pick in a heartbeat. Because of's streamlined operational structure, you can now reclaim your time towards developing your team’s program and coaching them towards success. With a few short clicks, you’ll have immediate access to your team’s fundraising progress, supporter messages, shareable link to your fundraisers, and e-mail list.

3. Watch the money come in!

Now comes the fun part: watching the meter as the money piles up. After uploading your roster and team logo, all that’s left to do is rallying your team towards reaching your goal. Because we know that every cent matters when it comes to your team, we don’t even charge a set-up fee. All in all, your team earns 50% with each purchase of a branded team item and will receive 80% of all traditional monetary donations. is what you NEED to take your team fundraising to the next level. Sign up your team, upload your roster and logo, and get ready to score a fundraising touchdown!


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