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The BEST $1000 Your Team Will Ever Spend- Hudl Assist

Every team wants to find a way to gain an advantage. This is especially true for teams that might be lacking the speed and size of many of its opponents. Coaches are looking for a way to keep their team in the game until the fourth quarter. Scouting and game planning are one of the ways to try and make that happen. And there is no better tool than the Hudl Assist program.

Many teams have taken advantage of the program since Hudl instituted it some five years ago. if your team has not, this is the perfect time to sign up and improve your scouting capabilities. It will be the best $1000 any coach ever spent.

For years, coaches have spent hours upon hours breaking down film of their own games and their upcoming opponents games. Down and distance, yard line, formation, hashmark, play, etc. Running the video back and forth. With Hudl Assist, Hudl does all of that for you and more with a team of trained analysts. They have 16 columns of data, including offensive formation, backfield and strength. Coaches simply submit any game of their own or opponents with a click of a button. Hudl will do the work and have it back to you in 24 hours. In addition to the data, Hudl gives you reports to help your coaches as they get ready to game plan.

Hudl Assist allows the football staff to spend more time actually studying the film. Time is a very valuable resource during the season to coaches. With the Assist program, your coaching staff may be able to get their work done and get home sooner. Get started with the actual game plan hours earlier. If you have never utilized Hudl Assist, it is a game changer when it comes to scouting and preparation. If you are still not sold, call some coaches that use the Assist program and ask them what they think about it.

If money is an issue, go to your administration, technology department or your booster club. Have a fund raiser if necessary or find a loyal booster to get the money for Hudl Assist. It will be literally the best $1000 you ever spend.

Go to and read about and sign up for Hudl Assist.


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