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Savarese Meets with ALFCA Board

The ALFCA held its annual summer board meeting on Wednesday, July 8th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Montgomery.

AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese and associate director Alvin Briggs joined the meeting after the first hour.

Executive Director Jack Wood welcomed a full board as every board member was present. He welcome two new board members- Brett Mask, head coach of Colbert County and Scott Goolsby, assistant coach at Auburn High School. Members present were: Ben Blackmon-Spanish Fort, Trent Taylor-Andalusia, Richie Busby-Helena, Erik Speakman-Opelika, Steve Smith-Piedmont, Leron White-Sparkman, Jimmy Perry-St. James, Bob Godsey-Madison Academy, President Terry Curtis-UMS Wright, Andro Williams-W.S. Neal, Jere Adcock-Decatur. Also present were former ALFCA President Jamie Riggs and executive assistant Jennifer Byrd.

Coach Wood asked Jamie Riggs to give a brief history of the association since its inception in 2005. Coach Wood gave a sponsor update. He said that although we have not lost any sponsors, he has told all of them that we could delay payments for the time being, understanding the plight of businesses during the pandemic. He stated that he thought we would eventually keep our sponsors and appreciated their loyalty.

Coach Wood also discussed some financial changes that have been made to relieve the association of some expenditures during the Covid crisis.

He said that plans were being started for the convention in January and asked for ideas about speakers. He said the board would meet again at Super 7 and that the annual social was scheduled for December 3rd.

Coach Wood also assigned Coach of the Year committees. Steve Smith and Brett Mask are to work 1A-2A, Andro Williams and Jimmy Perry were assigned to 3A-4A and 5A-7A members are Jere Adcock and Ben Blackmon.

President Terry Curtis then discussed the present situation concerning the 2020 football season and the Covid-19 crisis. He said that AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese had been in constant contact with the state department of education, the department of health and the AHSAA medical board. He relayed to the ALFCA board that the AHSAA Central Board was to meet Wednesday, July 22nd and at that time they were expected to pass a “best practices” document concerning football games this fall. Curtis also reminded the board members that one of their primary duties is to promote membership in their district.

Steve Savarese arrived and thanked everyone for their support during the the past 4 months. He confirmed that he expected the Central Board would pass a document on July 22nd to give school some guidelines for the fall. Some of the items included extended the players sideline from the 10 to the 10 for social distancing, masks for fans in the bleachers, masks for players on bus trips and only one captain out for the coin toss. Coach Savarese stated that more than likely home teams will have a checklist of items to contact the visiting team about in the days leading up to the game. This check list would include items like the size of the locker room.

Coach Savarese stated that “whatever we do is based on the best information we have as of today. That could all change tomorrow.” He said that the AHSAA has some tough decisions to make as we move into fall sports. “One thing we do know is that athletics is not going to be the same as it has been in the past,” he said. “I can you tell that unless we get an an order from the governor to shut down, we are going to start football on August 21st. The problem is not starting; it may be finding a path to finish.”

Savarese stated that they know there are problems down the road like possible forfeited games, school systems that shut down, playoffs and how schools and communities will handle when athletes get a positive test.

On another matter, he wanted everyone to know that the NFHS is offering 2 free Pixollet cameras to school wishing to join the NFHS network. These cameras normally go for $5000 each. He also said that local schools could also sell the $70 yearly membership and that $45 of that would go back to the school. “We know there will not be as many fans in the seats and this might be an avenue for school to generate more revenue this fall.”

He reminded the coaches that everyone needs to be smart about the earlier starting date and careful with kids who haven’t conditioned much in the summer.

Coach Wood them adjourned the meeting.


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