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Let Georgia Tech Get Your Double Wing Option Offense Ready

The philosophy of the double wing offense is different than most offensive beliefs today. Read and run the option.  Care about rushing yards and not passing yards. Time of possession is critical to control the pace of the game and the number of plays your opponent has the ball. Beat that fast team by making them think on defense and keeping the ball away from their offense. Nothing can frustrate a good team like not being able to get the ball back. Run two, maybe three formations instead of fifty different ones. Execute 3 or 4 plays to the max.  Throw a couple of passes off the option for big gains just to keep their secondary honest and to increase their frustration.  If the opponent is not prepared, it could be a long night for them.

Here is a little Georgia Tech video to get you ready for the season.  Paul Johnson and his team have to be the pinnacle of the double wing option offense.  You just might find something that will help your option attack. You might find a way through some of the drills to do a better job of teaching your offense.  If you face a double wing team, you might want to check out the video and make sure you have a plan this summer as to how you are going to stop this rushing attack. If you don’t play one of these squads and don’t have a good defensive plan to stop them, pray you don’t meet a good double wing option team deep in the playoffs.


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