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Houston Cougar Offensive Line Drills 2012

This is one of the better offensive line drill tapes you can find.  The Cougars work both run and pass drills as well as half line schemes with the QBs and RBs.  The offensive line coach at the time was Lee Hays who left the following year to join Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech.

Watching other team’s drill work helps to solidify that your drills are teaching the basics of your blocking techniques.  It is also helpful to pick up drills that might teach a skill that you groups needs improving upon, as well a different way to teach it.  It always helps to know what the college OL coaches think is important.  Your offense may be different, but the basics of blocking remain- hat placement, base, pad level, foot movement, etc.  Watching how another team practices as they go to one on ones, half lines, inside drills, etc. can really improve your team’s practice.  Some of the best teachers in football at all levels are the offensive line coaches.


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