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Book Review- Complete Offensive Line by Rick Trickett

Coach Rick Trickett is a familiar name to coaches across the state of Alabama. Although he is presently the offensive line coach at Florida State, Rick worked with the offensive line at Auburn University from 1993-1998.  He also recruited the state for a number of years while coaching at Memphis, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, LSU and West Virginia.  He has always been a great frend to high school coaches in our state, and is an excellent teacher of offensive line fundamentals.  His book Complete Offensive Line was published in 2012.

Coach Trickett’s book is a great read for anyone wanting to improve his OL knowledge, whether you are a line coach, a young coach or a head coach.  The book is written without a lot of overly technical language and includes specific drawings of everything.  He also included pictures of his drills.  He discusses steps, hand placement, etc. for base, drive, reach, down and cutoff blocks.  Coach Trickett has a detailed chapter on combination blocks, including his line calls and terminology.  He then discusses stretch play blocking in the next chapter.  He finishes his run block plays with a chapter on inside zone and a chapter on speed option.

In the pass protection chapters, the book discusses different pass sets and his pass progression drills.  The last chapter deals with conditioning concepts he feels are crucial for offensive linemen.

This book gets an A+ for just clarity.  Coaches with even a small knowledge of football can read and understand this manuscript.  Any young offensive line coach will find value here, even a wing-t offensive coach.

The book is available on line for around $16.00.


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