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ALFCA News and Notes-July 30, 2021

1) The football online rules test is now open in Dragonfly for those who were not present for the rules clinic in Montgomery last Thursday. The rules test closes out August 19th.

2) Expect to see the ALFCA expand their website and Twitter account as we work toward the beginning of the 2021 football season. "If it is happening in high school football in the state of Alabama or concerns the game in any way, we want it on our website or being tweeted out by the ALFCA," said executive director Jack Wood. "We want our coaches to feel like they can go to our website or our social media and get the information that they need on a daily basis."

3) The ALFCA also has plans to implement a job board on the website during the off season this next year to help out schools and coaches with job searches.

4) The ALFCA is working with Dragonfly to help create online ALFCA membership for this fall and convention registration for January. Expect there to be an announcement soon as we work toward the annual ALFCA mail out to schools to start the season.

5) The new coach at Monroe County High School is Quincy Robinson. Robinson comes to Monroe County from Smiths Station.

6) The Central Board voted on Wednesday to reinstate all rules and regulations regarding contest forfeiture that were in place prior to the 2020-21 school year. Last year, schools were not assessed fines or penalties if school superintendents determined teams could not play a contest due to COVID concerns. The AHSAA as well as many coaches feel that the rule was manipulated last season at times to avoid playing certain opponents, especially if the game was on the road.

7) Covid vaccinations may be a critical part of high school football this fall. Players who have been vaccinated may very well not be part of any contact tracing which led to quite a few forfeits last year. AHSAA Executive Director Alvin Briggs, as well as Nick Saban and Governor Kay Ivey have encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. Saban said last week that Alabama's team is at 90% vaccinated. Vaccinated teams are unlikely to be at less than full strength for a big game or have to forfeit because of Covid issues this fall. The state of Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the country while having the highest rate of Covid positivity tests in the nation. You do the math! Encourage your players and coaches to get vaccinated now!

8) Week 0 of the AHSAA football season is officially three weeks from today.


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