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ALFCA Board Members

Each district in the AHSAA is represented by at least one board member on the ALFCA Board of Directors. These coaches represent our members by attending the board meetings and keeping up with the latest happenings. If you have issues you would like to discuss contact your officers or board members.


President- Terry Curtis-UMS Wright

Vice President- Jere Adcock-Decatur

2nd Vice President- Laron White-Sparkman


District 1- Ben Blackmon-Spanish Fort, Andro Williams-W.S.Neal

District 2- Trent Taylor-Andalusia

District 3- Jimmy Perry-St. James

District 4- Eric Speakman-Opelika

District 5- Richie Busby-Helena

District 6- Steve Smith-Piedmont

District 7- Rodney Stidham-Hamilton

District 8- Bob Godsey- Madison Academy


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