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3 Reasons That Coaches Get Fired

Understanding the important factors that allow you to get a quality coaching job can help you prepare for that opportunity when a job becomes available. But a coach’s understanding of other factors is important in helping him keep that job.

Here are three of the most important reasons that coaches end up losing that job.

Don’t Win Enough Games- This should not come as any surprise. Ultimately a coach’s ability to win is critical, particularly in today’s world. But the line is drawn differently at different schools. There is a great importance on making the playoffs today. Inability to make the post season puts you in the bottom half of your region. If a coach suffers multiple losing seasons, it certainly gets the fan base restless. If a school has had consistent deep playoff runs, they will want to continue that. Ten win seasons are the norm in some programs. Anything less could lead the school and community to want to go in another direction.

Character Issues- Those that get involved in issues that suggest poor decision making or a lack of character can certainly lead to a coach’s dismissal. Affairs, playing ineligible players, abusive language and conduct, and alcoholism are just a few of the problems that coaches have that can lead to dismissal. Coaches are expected to be a positive example for their players. Most parents expect more out of their head football coach than they expect of themselves. Inappropriate use of social media and cell phones can get you in trouble in a hurry. Be careful what you text and what kind of pictures you sent out. Combine some of these issues with a bad season or two and the coach will be sending out his resume soon.

Poor communication skills- There is rule that has been established over the last decade that you get hired for your job skills but you get fired because of your communication skills. Coaches who can’t inspire players and organize and motivate their staff will lead to teams that play with a lack of passion. The ability to work with and get administrators to help with school issues is very important. The inability of the coach to communicate with parents and others in the community of his vision of the program can hurt the coach’s support. The reality is that the high school football coach probably speaks and represents the school and his program more than any other educational professional. Coaches who don’t want to deal with parents, booster clubs and the public in general will need to win big. If they don’t, those in power will grow tired of the inevitable complaints that will come about the impersonable coach.

These are not the only areas that can get you fired, but are some of the most common. If you would like to keep your job, win big, have impeccable character and be a great speaker and communicator. Good luck!


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