Riggs Addresses Legislative Committee

Alabama Football Coaches Association President Jamie Riggs traveled to Montgomery on Wednesday, March 2nd to speak to the Alabama State House Ways and Means Committee concerning the DROP program.  A legislative bill to eliminate the DROP program immediately brought a strong contingent of coaches to the public hearing to oppose the bill.  University of Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore and Auburn University High School Relations Director Wayne Bolt also spoke to the committee, as well as AHSAA Director Steve Savarese.  Riggs represented over a thousand football coaches throughout the state who had no idea that the bill to eliminate the program was to go into effect immediately. "We could only speak for two minutes," said Riggs. " I just tried to remind the committee that we had a lot of coaches who were eligible who had not joined the program.  I believe these coaches should have the right to join the program for all of the years they have dedicated to this profession.  We are all concerned that eliminating the DROP program will force some of our best coaches to retire from the state and seek employment in other states.  I also said I believed that it would lead to less men in our high schools, coaches and administrators."  Riggs said that he believed that the voice of the football coaches was heard and that if the DROP does not survive, that at least teachers who are presently eligible will get a chance to enroll.  "It is our hope that some changes can be made in DROP to help save some money and that the program could still survive," the ALFCA President said. "I was honored to represent the state's great football coaches.  Right now those coaches can help by contacting their legislators and encouraging them to find a way to save the DROP program."