iHigh.com Will Join ALFCA Convention in January

The Alabama Football Coaches Association announced Thursday that iHigh.com will be a part of the ALFCA Convention this January in Montgomery. iHigh.com provides high schools with free web tools and video streaming that connects schools and activities to the premier high school internet network.  Students, coaches, boosters and other school supporters can easily connect with other athletes and teams at a local, state and national level to follow local sport statistics, activity schedules or support their school with online commerce and advertising.

iHigh will be used by the ALFCA in January, providing online video streaming of the speakers and events surrounding the convention.  "Part of our mission is to provide the latest in coaching techniques as well as video, computer and other technology associated with football," ALFCA President Jamie Riggs said. "iHigh gives us the ability to send our message and promote our sport in some special ways in the future.  We are excited about the possibilities.  iHigh also allows our schools to video stream their athletic events at no cost to the school."

iHigh experimented with some video at the ALFCA Convention this past January.  Clips of some of the speakers can be seen at iHigh.com by searching Alabama Football Coaches (or click here).  To learn more about iHigh, go to the website or call David Bannister at 205-936-4783.